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What to Expect

We understand that a well-designed environment supports children’s growth and development, affirms family’s expectations of high quality, and has a positive effect on teachers’ ability to implement our educational program. Our facilities are designed with our mission in mind – building a community of happy children, happy parents and happy teachers!

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Twenty-first century learners master content while producing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from an expanded array of subjects and origins with an appreciation of and respect for diverse cultures. There is a demonstration of the three R’s, but also the three C’s: creativity, communication, and collaboration; as well as, digital literacy and civic responsibility.

Success in the 21st century requires learners to have an understanding of the learning process. The need to cultivate solid critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills is required in order to be successful in a progressively fluid, interconnected, and complex world. Technology is leveraged to develop an engaging and personalized environment to meet the emerging educational needs of this generation. Learning can now expand past the classroom walls and differentiated for learners. The opportunities afforded by technology allows for the re-imagination of 21st century education, focusing on preparing students to be learners for life.


Real Time. Peace of Mind.™
KidReports gives parents options! Select your communication style from emails, texts or apps! Get pictures and videos of your child’s day! Staying connected to your child and their school has never been easier. Getting started is easy & fun!


ABCmouse.com® Early Learning Academy is the leading and most comprehensive digital learning tool for children ages 2–8, with over 9,000 individual Learning Activities and more than 850 complete lessons along a Step-by-Step Learning Path. ABCmouse encompasses all key academic subject areas, including literacy, math, science, health, and social studies, and offers many art- and music- based activities. ABCmouse will be used in our classrooms, but we will also provide a subscription for our families to use ABCmouse at home. Visit www.abcmouse.com/redeem to redeem your subscription code once you enroll.

Frog Street Curriculum:

You will see our curriculum in action throughout the entire day. Our Bravo! Curriculum is designed by our in-house education team to facilitate learning through play and is built on the principle that children naturally learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery.

Beautiful Classrooms:

Classrooms are designed to offer children a variety of hands-on activities that cater to each child’s unique learning style and development. Learning centers are interconnected; as children learn math skills, they may also develop literacy, communication and social-emotional competence.

To register online, go to www.myprocare.com

For questions, please call:

Casey Wilson, Preschool Director (407) 785-6495 Ext. 1132


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